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SalesVista makes it easy to turn sales achieved into compensation owed. And you can
do it all in minutes, not hours. Available online, all the time.


Giving sales reps access to their performance data keeps them motivated to perform their best. With SalesVista, reps get 24/7 access to their personal sales compensation dashboard so they can review how they’re tracking against quotas. They can drill down into the detail of how much commission they’ve earned and make sure they’re getting credit for all of their sales. Sales data is easily input so reps can spend more time actually selling.
Sales managers can easily create and manage compensation plans to drive overall sales performance. By giving sales managers to ability to view how reps are performing against quota, they can motivate the right behaviors in their sales team and retain top sales talent.


In a dynamic sales environment, you need accuracy and visibility into your sales performance to make the right business decisions. SalesVista’s reporting allows you to aggregate your sales performance, giving you a deep understanding of the business impact of your sales compensation plans. That way, you can create plans that help you meet your revenue and growth goals, while keeping a firm hand on your expenses.


Finance teams no longer have to spend hours creating reports for payroll; inputting data from multiple spreadsheets and emails that aren’t easy to monitor or audit. With SalesVista, you can trust the data to make accurate and timely payouts. Compensation disputes can be handled in seconds while generating a visible audit trail. That transparency reduces costly overpayments and prevents underpayments that affect the trust, morale, and productivity of your sales team.

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