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Sales compensation requires continuous collaboration from multiple departments, but when you’ve got so many people involved, errors and discrepancies are inevitable. SalesVista provides a single, collaborative workspace to manage your sales compensation.

Finance Departments

  • Stop spending hours generating reports for payroll.
  • Make it easier for your boss to review and approve.
  • Leverage your sales team by letting them validate their own sales attribution.
  • Clear up expectations by giving sales reps the ability to see how much they have earned.
  • Manage compensation-related communications and disputes from a single place.

Sales Teams

  • Get access to your compensation plan.
  • Make sure you’re getting credit for your sales.
  • See how you’re tracking towards your quotas.
  • Be informed about how much you should expect to be paid.
  • Log and track your compensation-related questions or disputes in one place.

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The SalesVista Process makes collaboration easy

Step One

Open a new compensation report, define the date range, and add sales reps.

Step Two

Add in sales and generate a compensation report with a single click - no complex calculations required.

Step Three

Managers can review, approve, and publish the compensation report. Reps will receive notification when a report is ready to view.

Step Four

Address disputes and republish the final compensation report if necessary.

Step Five

Close the compensation report and send to payroll for payout.

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