SalesVista makes it easy to turn sales achieved into compensation owed. And you can do it all in minutes, not hours. Available online, all the time.

Fast and Easy Implementation

Set up your organization, add plans, and assign sales reps to your plans within minutes – no coding required.

Perform Calculations Instantly

With SalesVista’s collaborative workspace, simply input your sales data and let the system generate fast, error-free calculations.

Transparent Reporting

Create compensation reports for reps to track sales performance and for compensation administrators to analyze and pay out earned commission.

Streamlined Dispute Management

Provide visibility into compensation disputes via the communication dashboard so disputes can easily be addressed and rectified.

Discover How SalesVista Works:

Finance Departments:

  • Stop spending hours generating reports for payroll.
  • Make it easier for your boss to review and approve.
  • Leverage your sales team by letting them validate their own sales attribution.
  • Clear up expectations by giving sales reps the ability to see how much they have earned.
  • Manage compensation-related communications and disputes from a single place.

Sales Teams:

  • Get access to your compensation plan.
  • Make sure you’re getting credit for your sales.
  • See how you’re tracking towards your quotas.
  • Be informed about how much you should expect to be paid.
  • Log and track your compensation-related questions or disputes in one place.


Security is at the forefront of our product design.

Our security measures keep your data safe and your business protected.
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Multi-zone data replication 
  • Use of industry standards 
  • Regular open source security audits 
  • Strong Argon2id cryptographic password hashing


Each element in the SalesVista technology stack was carefully selected based on its individual merits.
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Start Using SalesVista

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