BY: Andrew Goode December 17 | 2019

As we wind down 2019 and look forward to an even better 2020, SalesVista is proud to bring you our biggest milestone yet – the V2 major release comes with a brand new look & feel and a big improvement to compensation plan changes. Read on for further details.

New Look & Feel

We have completely revamped our user interface to use a more modern style, giving us more flexibility to improve navigation and provide a clearer layout which emphasizes a data-centric perspective. We have also given our data visualization some more love, especially for quota and bonus attainment. Here are some sneak peaks:

Dashboard view for org admin
Dashboard view for rep

Take the new SalesVista for a test spin and let us know what you think.

Reviewable Draft Plans

Compensation plans for a rep or team have a new lifecycle. Previously, if you needed to edit a quota or payment rule on a plan, those changes would be used by any new compensation reports as soon as you clicked save. Now, we allow plan modifications to be stored for review before they affect compensation.

You start by opening a “draft” copy of the plan, making your changes, and then marking the plan as “ready for review” in order to solicit feedback. Any discussion about the plan and its changes can take place within a plan’s activity log. When ready, you can “merge” the draft plan back into the original plan, at which point the changes become finalized and available for compensation reports.

Modal to open a draft for an existing plan
Indicates this plan has an open draft
Indicates this plan is a draft
Section allowing a reviewer to approve or reject plan changes

Rep-specific Eligible Variable Compensation

Based on customer feedback, we have added a new field to sales reps that allows you to define their “eligible variable compensation” monetary amount for the fiscal year. This field behaves similarly to the existing “base salary” field, and bonuses can now be defined to payout a percentage of this rep-specific value.

Define a rep’s eligible variable comp total
Rep info view with new eligible variable comp field
Define a bonus as percentage of eligible variable comp

Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

Thanks for partnering with us! We hope you have a great holiday season, and we look forward to making 2020 your organization’s best year yet!