BY: Andrew Goode September 19 | 2019

This release is all about better support for uploading and importing sales data. Uploading refers to manually uploading a CSV file. Importing refers to an automatic data integration that we can set up for you.

Easier data uploads

A problem our users would frequently encounter when uploading sales data was an issue with unknown sales reps or unknown product categories. Previously, the system would not allow you to save a sale if the rep or product category on that sale did not already exist in the system.

We changed this to be more lenient, allowing you to save the data you uploaded, imported, or entered, and then come back later and “fix” any unknown reps or product categories.

When there are sales with unknown reps or product categories, a few things will alert you to the problem:

  1. In the spreadsheet view, e.g. during the upload, unknown reps or product categories will be highlighted yellow.
  2. The Sales page will display an alert at the top of the page notifying you that there are “sales with warnings” that need to be corrected in order to be used, and it gives you a link to easily view those sales.
  3. Sales with an unknown rep or product category will have a warning icon in the sales list, and there will be an option in the item’s menu to either “Fix Rep” or “Fix Product Category”.

Selecting the “fix” menu item will open a dialog allowing you to easily create the respective rep or product category in the system, and all sales that have the same value for that unknown rep or product category will be automatically associated to the newly created entity.

Because we now allow sales data to be entered with an unknown rep, which, along with the effective date, is required for the sale to be used on a compensation report, we also added another date field to sales representing the transaction date. The transaction date represents when the sale actually occurred and is meant to be a reference to the user, while the effective date represents when the sale should become effective for compensation. The effective date cannot be set until the rep is set/resolved for the sale. This makes sure a sale with incomplete data isn’t picked up by a compensation report until the sale can be properly attributed to someone.


Thanks to improvements in the SalesVista API, we now support custom data integrations, allowing us to enable automatic data pushing/syncing with external systems like invoicing, CRM, ERP, or MSP.

You’ll notice a new “Integrations” tab under your org settings. If this is something you’re interested in, contact us via so we can better understand your needs.