BY: Andrew Goode August 13 | 2019

This release is all about better support for bonuses, including a new variable calculation, new compensation report options, and the ability to manually grant or revoke any bonus on a rep report. Read on for further details.

New Features

Feature 1: When you create a compensation report, you can now select one or more bonus intervals to choose which bonuses will auto-accrue if they are attained.

The options looks like this:

Before these options were available, all bonuses would auto-accrue if they were attained, regardless of whether you wanted them to or not.

For example, if someone attained a quarterly bonus in the 2nd month, it used to accrue in the 2nd month, but now you can delay/ignore it until you are ready to accrue quarterly bonuses, e.g. in the 3rd month.

Feature 2: You can now manually override a bonus on a rep’s comp report.

If a bonus was not attained (i.e. did not auto-accrue b/c attainment was not sufficient), you can manually grant them the bonus.

On the bonus list of the rep report, the star icon is now a button to manually accrue (or unaccrue) a bonus, which looks like this:

Clicking that button opens a modal that looks like this:

You can manually grant a bonus that was not earned, or you can also take away a bonus that was earned, as long as you provide a reason.

This was not possible before.

Feature 3: You can now create a bonus on a plan that pays out a variable based on the rep’s sales performance.

When you create a bonus as part of a comp plan, there is a new “calculation” option where you can specify what percentage (or dollar per unit) should be used to determine the amount of the bonus based on the rep’s performance.

It looks like this:

This means you can now create one bonus that is assigned to multiple reps (via a team plan) which pays out a different amount based on how much the rep sells.

This type of bonus will also continue to pay out over time as soon as the bonus is attained/earned or granted, meaning it’s a bonus that does not necessarily have to be paid out all at once.

Before, the only type of variable bonus we supported was percentage of base salary.

That’s it for now.

In our next release, we’ll have some exciting news about sales data integration, allowing you to import data from an existing service and easily see and resolve data issues.

As always, thanks for tuning in! We’ll continue to keep you updated as new features are released by our engineering team.