BY: Andrew Goode July 9 | 2019

While our team is busy working on building out various data integrations, we were able to put together this small release in the meantime.

New Features

Sales listed on a rep’s compensation report now include sales from other rep’s that contributed to the rep’s compensation.

Our support for team-based performance allows a sales rep to get credit for or be paid off of someone else’s sales. Think of a sales manager that leads a team of reps – you might want to pay them based on their team’s performance, even if they don’t sell anything themself.

Previously, the only sales that were listed on a rep’s report were the sales made by that rep. We have changed this so that all sales contributing to the rep’s compensation are now included in the report.

Display settings you select for widgets on the org dashboard are now preserved within your session.

Your organization probably doesn’t use all of the KPIs that SalesVista supports for sales metrics. This is why we let you choose which KPI you’d like to see within the “Top Reps” and “Top Product Categories” widgets.

Previously, when you changed your selection and then navigated to another page, your selection would revert to the default. We have now changed this so that your selection is preserved, making it more convenient to see metrics relevant to your organization while navigating around the SalesVista app. If you sign out, you’ll have to update your selection again the next time you sign in.

Bug Fixes

  • CSV downloads now work in the Edge browser
  • Various compensation report fixes have been made to better support team-based performance plans

Among other minor bug fixes and tech stack upgrades, our REST API has been expanded to include support for more OAuth2 clients as we prepare for future data integrations.

Look for more changes coming soon.