BY: Evan Bonsignori June 11 | 2019

Org Dashboard

SalesVista v1.14 introduces the new org dashboard.

The dashboard is made up of widgets that help you understand your organization’s compensation status at a glance.


The widgets and the data they display on the dashboard change based on the role of the logged in user and the status of their org.

When a user is linked to a rep, they get to see information about the rep they are linked to on the org overview widget

The four individual kpi widgets will show aggregate data for all reps in the org when the user is an org owner. However, if the user isn’t an org owner and is linked to a rep, the data for the individual kpi widgets will only be based on the linked rep’s performance.

The only widget that is displayed regardless of rep link status is the recent reports widget. This widget simply shows all recent compensation reports for the org when the user is an owner or recent reports that a rep is on when the user is linked to a rep.

When a user is an org owner, they will see the top reps and top product categories widgets even if they are linked to a rep.

The quota attainment and recent sales widgets are displayed only for users who are linked to reps, as the data for each widget is based on their linked rep’s performance.

When a user creates an organization, they will see the org setup widget. This widget guides new users through the process of creating and compensating reps through plans and compensation reports.

Org setup widget on its first phase: create your reps.