BY: Evan Bonsignori May 23 | 2019

New Features

Bonus Attainments

A new Bonuses tab has been added to the rep report page. You can now view the bonuses earned (or not earned) for a rep.

Plan Snapshots

We now distinguish live data from snapshot data. Live data are your reps, plans, product categories, etc configured for your org. When you run a report, all of the live data used for calculations become snapshot data.

By default, the rep report view shows you snapshot data. The new View Live link takes you to the rep’s live data.

From the same rep report page, you can now view the plan used by the rep at the time of the report. Pressing it will take you to the new plan snapshot page that contains each of the snapshotted rules and quotas for the plan.

Changes to Existing Behavior

  1. From the reports list, you now filter by fiscal year instead of period
  2. Teams members now view appropriate information about child teams

Upcoming: New Dashboard

The dashboard is the first thing you see when you log into SalesVista, and we think it’s about time that it received a facelift. So, we are excited to reveal that a completely redesigned dashboard is coming to SalesVista on our next release!

Prepare yourself for… widgets! (a sneak peek at 2 below)