Release 1.12.0

BY: admin May 1 | 2019

New Features

  1. Team-Based Performance
  2. Compensation Reports by Fiscal Period
  3. Sales Summary on Compensation Reports
  4. Define Per-Period Target for Quotas
  5. Dispute Email Notifications

Changes to Existing Behavior

  1. All sales that contribute to a rep’s plan must be entered before a report for that rep exists.
  2. Compensation reports are now limited to a single fiscal period, based on the organization’s compensation interval setting.
  3. Compensation reports are now closed when the fiscal period is closed and cannot be closed individually.

Ready, Set, Go!

BY: admin December 14 | 2018


SalesVista is ready.

Over the past couple months, we have been working with The Creative Momentum to design and build out the new site, completely from scratch, and today it’s finally ready. We hope we can use this site to get the SalesVista name out there and be our first point of contact with prospective customers – you!

Another tool in the toolbelt, another task checked off the list, another milestone marked. As anyone who has started a company before knows, there’s a lot to consider and a lot to do, and we’re happy to now put our best foot forward when it comes to our company website. Thank you, TCM! It’s finally ready.


What is SalesVista, you ask?

Good question! SalesVista is a new Atlanta-based startup building the next generation B2B SaaS application for sales compensation, performance, and recognition. We founded this company with a singular purpose – to make managing variable compensation as easy as possible, for organizations of all sizes – and we’re achieving this purpose via our core, cloud-hosted product, which you can start trying today for free.

Ever heard of Salesforce, GitHub, or Expensify? What Salesforce did for CRMs, what GitHub did for open source, what Expensify did for expense reporting – that’s what SalesVista is doing for SPM (Sales Performance Management), making it easy and accessible for all.

While our development team is still building out our most requested features – namely sale data integrations and a broader focus on teams – our beta product is set and available for use today. Give it a shot or let us know your thoughts.

As we continue to make progress, we’ll be posting updates and looking forward to a general release early in 2019.


Say goodbye to 2018; say hello to 2019.

As the calendar turns and the economy grows, 2019 will come with its own set of challenges. More business means more salespeople, and you need to seriously consider the following questions:

  • How do you manage compensation plans for your sales reps?
  • How do you guarantee that compensation is accurate?
  • Are you within budget?
  • How do you stay on top of sales performance?
  • Are your sales reps hitting their quotas?
  • How do you keep your sales teams informed and engaged?

SalesVista helps provide answers to these very questions, and we’re planning on growing significantly in 2019 to keep up. As we anticipate drastic growth in our customer base, we’ll also be ramping up company resources and expanding our feature set. Don’t get left behind; partner and grow with us.

In the meantime, we sincerely wish you Happy Holidays and a very prosperous 2019!